Help and Advice on keeping a pug

General Care

Facial: The wrinkles accumulate a great deal of dirt etc, because Pugs spend a lot of time with their face mashed against the ground and in their food bowl. Therefore, cleaning the folds is essential to avoid them developing a fungus or infection. The only items you need are a cotton bud and a cup of warm water. A baby wipe will also do the task nicely. If a wrinkle gets sore, apply a little Sudocrem, available from the chemist. Clean 2-3 times weekly.

Nail Clipping: The pug’s nails grow extremely fast.!! You will need to cut your pug’s nails approximately every two weeks, start as soon as you get him/her home. The best time to cut your pug’s nails is while he/she is fast asleep on your lap at night. He/she may wake up, but hopefully won’t be motivated to put up a struggle. Keep some styptic powder handy in case you cut too far. To avoid cutting too far, simply cut the curved part of the nail only and make sure you have a steady hand. Alternatively, a vet or a dog groomer will do this for you for a fee. Be vigilant about their nails as being too long can cause discomfort for your dog and by not standing high enough on his paws will cause them to bleed and result in the breakdown of the pasterns causing long term discomfort.

Ear Cleaning: Using ‘Leo’ ear cleaner, place probe into ear, not to far, squirt approx 10ml and massage base of ear for 3 mins. Using a cotton wool ball wipe away the wax and dirt it’s brought to the surface. Do not push the cotton wool ball deep into the ear. After cleaning use a pinch of ‘Thornit’ powder into each ear. Check the ears weekly and clean when appropriate.

Teeth Cleaning: Provide ample chews which assist in cleaning your dog’s teeth. It is recommended to clean your dog’s teeth on a regular basis, Toothbrush and dog toothpaste is available from you local pet shop. Do not use human toothpaste this is unsuitable. Start cleaning your dog’s teeth as soon as you bring him home, to get him used to it. Alternatively, your vet will do this for you for a fee.

Coat Care: Your pug will shed copious amounts of hair. All you need is a brush, a flea comb and a chamois. Brushing your pug about twice a week keeps the coat nice and smooth and shiny and stimulates the skin.

Exercise: Never Exercise your pug in very hot weather. With their elongated palate theywould soon be in distress. When travelling in hot weather, soak a towel and lay in the bottom of their travelling box. Always take water with you to cool them in an emergency. Your pug puppy must have plenty of rest and sleep. Do not allow to get too tired and excited with other dogs and children, as Pugs never know when to stop playing

Pug Standards

General Appearance: Decidedly square and chubby, it is ‘multum in parvo’ shown in compactness of form, well knit proportions and hardness of muscle.

Characteristic: Great charm, dignity and intelligence.

Temperament: Even-tempered, happy and lively disposition.

Head and skull: Head large, round, not apple-headed, with no indentation blunt, square, not up faced. Wrinkles clearly defined.

Eyes: Dark, very large, globular in shape, soft and solicitous in expression, very lustrous, and when excited, full of fire.

Ears: Thin, small, soft like black velvet. Two kinds- ‘Rose ear’ small drop-ear which folds over and back to reveal the burr.

Mouth: Slightly undershot. Wry mouth, teeth or tongue showing all highly undesirable. Wide lower jaw with incisors almost in a straight line.

Neck: Slightly arched to resemble a crest, strong, thick with enough length to carry head proudly.

Forequarters: Legs very strong, straight, to moderate length, well under body. Shoulders well sloped.

Body: Short and cobby, wide in chest and well ribbed. Topline level neither roached nor dipping.

Feet: Neither so long as the foot of the hare, nor so round as that of a cat; well split up toes; the nails black.

Tail: (Twist) High-set, curled as tightly as possible over hip. Double curl highly desirable.

Gait/Movement: Viewed from in front should rise and fall with legs well under shoulder, feet keeping directly to front, not turning in or out. From behind action just as true. Using forelegs strongly putting them well forward with hind legs moving freely and using stifles well. A slight roll of hindquarters typifies gait

Coat: Fine, smooth, soft, short and glossy, neither harsh nor woolly.

Colour: Silver, apricot, fawn or black. each clearly defined, to make contrast complete between colour, trace (black line extending from occiput to twist) and mask. Markings clearly defined. Muzzle or mask, ears, moles on cheeks, thumb mark or diamond on forehead and trace as black as possible.

Size: Ideal weight 6.3-8. 1 kgs (14-18 lbs).

Faults: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the heath and welfare of the dog.

Note: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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